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Our Mission

We're here to support you on your parenting journey, providing a positive and nurturing environment for families seeking assistance. Whether you're tackling everyday developmental challenges or addressing more complex issues, The Secure Child offers a range of services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Approach:

At The Secure Child, we believe in a holistic, strength-focused, and relationship-based approach to parenting. Say goodbye to traditional disciplinary methods like "time-outs" and behavior charts. Instead, let's work together to understand your child's needs and build essential skills.

How Can We Assist You?

Curious about how The Secure Child can benefit your family? Reach out and let's start a conversation. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to discuss your unique situation and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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our philosophy

Rooted in our mission to support families through the journey of child development, we are committed to fostering an inclusive space that champions diversity in all its forms. We believe in a holistic, strength-focused, and relationship-based approach to parenting, steering clear of outdated disciplinary methods. No more power struggles, "time-outs" or behaviour charts. Instead, let's embark on a journey together to understand your child, creating a foundation where every family feels seen, heard, and empowered". Then in the "Who We Are" section, you can write: Step into The Secure Child Center, a sanctuary for families. Founded by Dr. Tamara Soles, an experienced child psychologist specializing in early childhood, The Secure Child Center is your haven for navigating the intricate landscape of parenting.

kind words

Testimonial #1

My family has worked with Dr. Soles over the past several months and count ourselves as very fortunate that we found her. We do not assign this high rating lightly–Dr. Soles’ professionalism, warmth, and support for our child and for us, as parents, have consistently impressed us. We have worked with other psychologists in the past and Dr. Soles’ ability to blend compassionate respect for her clients with her skilled approach to building childhood emotional health stands out. Each counselling session with her is filled with takeaway skills and lessons and we have no doubt that our child has greatly benefitted from her work with Dr. Soles..

Testimonial #2

Thank you SO much again.  You were more than of some help, Tamara – you paved the way for my re-empowerment, you validated me, you boosted me and you supported me in reclaiming my precious turf.  These are all important for my soul’s toolkit.  And I thank you.”


Tamara is by far the best therapist I’ve had. That’s saying a lot ( I had quite a few). She is caring and kind and funny. I haven’t seen her in a year or so but she still calls my mom to check in. I couldn’t have asked for a better more caring and helpful therapist. After years of seeing her I got my life on track; never thought I could.


I could nearly cry thinking of the progress our family has made since you first came into our lives. Thank you; this peaceful parenting path has been a real blessing for my marriage & my children.

what we offer

Therapy Services and Parent Coaching

Our team of experienced and caring clinicians offers individual child, teen, couple and family therapy services. We also offer parent consultations and are proud to offer Neurodiversity Family Support services. Whether you need a single consultation to navigate a developmental hurdle or need ongoing support, our team can help.

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Psychological & Psychoeducational Assessments

We offer a range of child and adolescent assessment services including ADHD, Autism, Giftedness and Learning Disablity assessments. We also conduct psychological assessments for school readiness, derogation and social-emotional challenges such as selective mutism, anxiety and depression.

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Courses and Webinars

Check out our collection of free and low cost parenting courses on a range of topics like discipline, power struggles and parenting children with intense emotions.

Don't miss our signature online course, No More Power Struggles. The self-paced course gives you all you need to ditch parenting distress and step into more peaceful collaboration with your child.

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