Why is The Secure Child Different?

The Secure Child was founded by Dr. Tamara Soles, a child psychologist specializing in early childhood, in order to support the social-emotional development of children and to enhance their relationships with their loved ones. The Secure Child was conceived as a positive environment where any family could come for support. For some families, The Secure Child is a place to come for parent coaching in order to learn strategies for managing the everyday challenges of development while for others, therapy services are sought to address more significant challenges. Whatever a family’s reason for coming to The Secure Child, all families are met by a warm and caring clinician who is dedicated to helping families feel supported and function at their best. At The Secure Child we believe that one of the most powerful and effective interventions we can implement involves helping parents shift their lens from one of identifying “misbehavior” to one of supporting development through the use of strategies that build skills. Instead of “time-outs” and behavior charts, our approach uses a strength-focused, relationship-based approach to work with families to better understand the needs of their child and help both parents and children build new skills. We work with each family to determine what specific strategies are appropriate for them. Please call us to determine how The Secure Child could benefit your family.

The Secure Child has a deep commitment to promoting inclusion and the affirmation of diverse identities.  We recognize the dignity and worth of all people. We embrace the richness brought by identities and expressions at the intersections of ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual/affectional orientation, gender, size, age, physical and mental abilities, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status. We also work from a neurodiversity paradigm meaning that we recognize and value all neurotypes. We help neurodivergent individuals get any supports they need while also helping the neurotypical people around learn to help their child thrive.

Our Team

Dr. Tamara Soles, Child Psychologist

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