Learn the science-backed tools that therapist and author Risa Williams created to help clients boost their self-esteem and ultimately heal her own. Risa shares how surviving the highly competitive worlds of professional ballet and the Hollywood film industry and shifting into motherhood as a therapist helped her develop the practical strategies in her latest book, “The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit”

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Self-Esteem Course Info

Course Description

Risa Williams joins Dr. Tamara Soles to discuss science based strategies to help increase self-esteem in clients. Learn practical tools such as the kindness blanket, The Self-Talk Meter, managing the neural negativity bias and more.

Instructor's bio

Risa Williams is a Los Angeles therapist and coach who specializes in anxiety reduction tools and time management techniques. She completed her Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology at Antioch University - Los Angeles. She is the author of “The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit." Risa is a university professor and a wellness magazine writer.
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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the relationship between compassion and self-esteem
  • Identify three science-based strategies for improving self-esteem

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Commercial Support

Risa Williams is the author of a self-esteem book discussed in the podcast


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Course Format

This course is presented in audio format via podcast interview. The course is designed for post-doctoral psychologists and is an introductory level.

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