Mastering Private Practice Finances

Therapists, it’s time to master your private practice finances! Do you get overwhelmed at tax time or find yourself digging through faded receipts that you intended to keep track of month-to-month? Self-proclaimed accounting nerd and CEO of Heard, Andrew Riesen joins me to help therapists master their finances! Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or just starting out, we’ve got the financial considerations, mistakes, and mindset shifts you need to know.

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Mastering Private Practice Finances Course Info

Course Description

In this course- Mastering Private Practice Finances, guest Andrew Riesen, an experienced accountant, joins us to discuss the financial considerations, mistakes, and literacy that therapists in private practice should know. Listeners will learn about the most common financial mistakes made by therapists and how to avoid them, as well as gain valuable insights into the importance of financial literacy for therapists. The episode also offers helpful bookkeeping tips that will help therapists in private practice ensure their financial success. Beyond the practical advice, the conversation also delves into the emotional impact of money mindset how therapists can manage it. Whether you're a seasoned therapist or just starting out, this episode will provide valuable information and insights to help you succeed in private practice.

Instructor's bio

Andrew Riesen is a mission-driven entrepreneur, financial accountant, and CEO of Heard, the financial back-office for therapists in private practice. Prior to Heard, Andrew worked at PWC, where he worked as a financial accountant, helped build an internal software incubator, and co-founded an affordable sales tax solution for small to medium-sized businesses. When not supporting mental health professionals in private practice, Andrew can be found exploring the nooks and crannies of the Pacific Northwest trail-running, cycling, or snowboarding, or at home with his nose in a book or journal.
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Learning Objectives

  • Discover two strategies to improve management of finances
  • Identify two common mistakes clinicians make with respect to their finances

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Commercial Support

Andrew is the co-founder of Heard, a booking and accounting company for therapists.


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Course Format

This course is presented in audio format via podcast interview. The course is designed for post-doctoral psychologists and is an introductory level.

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