Kelly Bron Johnson Neurodiversity Family Support Worker

Kelly Bron Johnson is our Neurodiversity Family Support Worker. Kelly helps guide families through a new diagnosis, understand assessment recommendations, access supports, or navigate school systems and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Kelly provides support to parents of neurodivergent children to help them implement neurodiversity-affirming, strength-based parenting strategies.


Kelly is an author, speaker and an autistic and Hard of Hearing self-advocate. Kelly’s book How to Parent Like an Autistic, is a guide for neurotypical parents of an autistic child. It’s the only parenting book of its kind written by an autistic mom of an autistic child. She is also the founder of Completely Inclusive, a social enterprise and consultancy focused on teaching business leaders how to be inclusive to all. Kelly is a Certified Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Advisor, and is currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice from Vermont Law School.