Are the “terrible twos” extending to “the threes”, “the fours” or “the fives?” 

Time out and behavioral charts not working to help improve your child’s behavior?

Is your child or adolescent having difficulties in the home such as talking back, defiance, homework difficulties, lack of motivation?

Is your school age child having learning difficulties or behavioral difficulties in the classroom?

Does your child or adolescent seem to be sad, withdrawn, unmotivated, or having difficulties coping? 

Having difficulty getting your baby to sleep?

The Secure Child is here to help. We offer a variety of services to address a wide range of challenges faced by families with infants, children and adolescents of all ages. Click on the heading to view in more detail.

Therapy and Parenting Services including:

  • parent coaching
  • individual child or adolescent therapy
  • family therapy
  • sleep consultation

Assessment and Educational Support

  • in-class assistance as needed
  • psychological / psychoeducational assessments
  • IEP support

Classes and Workshops:

  • baby and me groups
  • parenting classes
  • baby massage

Insurance receipts are available upon request.