A Child Psychologist's Ultimate Gift Guide

As we close out 2022, here’s my ultimate gift guide for you and your family (Spoiler alert- there are no toys involved). 
While others may be fighting crowds and in fisticuffs like a 1980’s parent securing a Cabbage Patch Kid, consider the following gifts instead: 
Gift Guide
Self-acceptance. Can you model shifting gently into 2023 without needing to change your body or adopt unhealthy dieting practices? As your child grows and is exposed to messages from society that a “new year = a new you”, can you show your child that neither you nor they are a perpetual improvement project and that you are both 100% lovable and worthy EXACTLY as you are today? 
Wonder. Awe and wonder leave us inspired and energized- a perfect mindset for starting 2023. As we tune into something larger than ourselves, our sense of self shrinks and we see the world with distance in a way that reduces our worries while increasing our desire to connect with others.   
Clarity. As you define your family’s goals and values, you create guideposts in relation to which you can evaluate every action and decision. Clearly defined values simplify decisions about how you spend your time, money, and energy. 
Hygge. While it’s not 2016 anymore and the cultural zeitgeist has surely moved onto another Scandinavian word (Lagom!?), the Danish word hygge remains perfectly suited to describing the blend of coziness, warmth and safety that comes from delighting in small comforts such as a warm blanket, comfy pajamas, or a hot chocolate with friends on a blustery day. 
Time. Take the time over this holiday to rest, to connect, to think, to dream, and to do nothing. Step off of the toxic productivity hamster wheel and focus on rest and rejuvenation. 

Set Yourselves Up for Success

As you begin the new year, remember that just as in driving, where you look is where you will end up. If you keep your eyes focused on the goalposts you established, you will remain in connection with your values and goals. You will be modeling your values to your children. Lead them with love. Lead them with intention and connection. Follow our gift guide and give them the gifts of the things you value most for your family. 

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